A new kind of influencer marketing agency.

A nano influencer agency.

We are iMPfluencers: a nano influencer agency based in Leeds with a nationwide reach.
We use the unique power of nano influencers to create authentic, trusted content for brands.
Low cost, high engagement, no celebs.
Nano’s are the fastest growing force in the influencer marketplace where genuine content matters most.
We don’t just influence: we inform, recommend, educate.

Who are iMPfluencers?

iMPfluencers are our own existing network of sampling staff, brand ambassadors and advocates.
They have real world brand activation and product sampling skills.
They have a small, quality network of friends and fewer than 5000 followers.
That makes them nano influencers (or nanos for short).
This gives us a competitive edge when it comes to tasting, testing and recommending brands or products to their Instagram followers.
Successfully creating content to promote brands through Instagram requires genuine product interest and understanding.
We know that information without emotion isn’t retained.
So iMPfluencers are like influencers but not like influencers.
And we don’t outsource to influencer agencies.

Influence through trust.

 low cost
 high engagement
 real people with real lives and real stories
a trusted, authentic source of peer-to-peer information
brand-savvy, culture and trend aware
experience, knowledge and understanding of brands
a varied range of interests from A-Z
employed directly by us – no outsourcing
strictly no celebrities

Influencer marketing is changing.

Our iMPfluencers are familiar with brands, how they work and engaging with consumers.
That gives them a unique ability to display a tone of voice that matches the product they’re sharing online.
Creating shared content with the right look, feel and sound comes naturally to them.
That’s why the brands we work with trust our influencers to create on-brand posts and stories that drive genuine interest.
Content created with a human heart will deliver more authentic and genuine results.
That’s why we do what we do.