What is influencer marketing: how we develop your strategy.

Other influencer marketing agencies are not the same.

We like to keep it simple. The campaigns we run are clear, concise and easy to understand.
Not everyone has used influencer marketing agencies before and understanding how it works can be tricky.
We’re not trying to reinvent the influencer wheel, but it’s not as complicated as it appears to be.
Because we have over a decade of real-world brand activation and experiential experience we know what works and what consumers respond to.
We believe the same principles of human nature and behaviour apply online as much as they do on the street.

How it works:

  • 1. Define campaign objectives

    We work with you to understand your objectives like:

    • brand awareness
    • follower growth
    • likes, comments, saves
    • driving sales

    Then we get to work developing targeting criteria, creative content and brief.

  • 2. Select iMPfluencers

    • based on the requirements of the campaign
    • their relevance to the brand
    • their interests and passions
    • their previous engagement insights
    • their belief in the product

  • 3. Send out sample products

    • sent directly to the iMPfluencers
    • sent either by the brand or by us
    • allow 3-5 days for product sample to arrive

    Where it isn’t possible to send a physical test product or sample we can still work with a graphic image, video or visual brand content.

  • 4. Campaign goes live

    • iMPfluencers receive the product sample
    • iMPfluencers follow the brief
    • they taste, test or trial the product sample
    • they create the content through post, story or Reels
    • they post their experience on Instagram

  • 5. Campaign report

    We’ll report back with a clear, easy to read campaign analysis including:

    • engagement rates (and %)
    • reach
    • impressions
    • calls to action
    • follower growth
    • audience demographics

Simple strategy, effective results.

By managing the campaigns like this our nano-influencers can create better quality and more engaging content.
Our tried and tested method of using experienced, professional brand ambassadors and product sampling staff is unique.
This is why our creators generate authentic, trusted content with measurable results that help drive sales, engagements and awareness for brands.
Take a look at some of the successful campaigns we’ve run here.