What are nano-influencers and why we use them.

What are nano influencers?

Nano influencers, or ‘nanos’ typically have fewer than 5000 followers.
They are real people, with real lives and real stories to tell online.
The main benefit of using nano influencers is their higher-than-average engagement rate.
Compared to other influencer groups (micro, macro, mega) they have much fewer followers but much better audience engagement rates.
This means that nanos have better quality conversations, more creative posts and a much greater level of authenticity when reaching the audience.
The clarity and authenticity of their shared posts and stories bridges the gap between volume and quality.

Here’s a cool animated graph to show you what that looks like:

< 5k


iMPfluencers have higher audience engagement rates

5k - 20k


20k - 100k


100k - 1m


> 1m


Why we use nano-influencers.

Here’s a few examples of why nano influencers can be used more effectively for a brand campaign than other types of influencer:

closer relationships with their audience
know and interact with their most loyal followers
more likely to answer comments about their post
engagement rate higher than other influencer groups*
people trust small influencers
considered friends by most of their followers
carefully choose a product or service to promote
don’t have as many requests from brands
don’t command high costs of agencies or celebrities

How we recruit nano influencers.

It’s pretty simple really – our iMPfluencers are already existing promotional staff.
They might be brand ambassadors, sampling staff, team leaders, event managers or product demonstration staff.
And that’s the key difference between our influencer service and others – we have human contact with every individual influencer.
We’ve taken their real-world skillsets and brand experiences and given them a digital purpose.

How we use our iMPfluencers.

We already have more than 100+ brand savvy, marketing ready online brand ambassadors.
You can see how it works by clicking that link but in short we use them to share real stories and post about brand experiences.
It could be testing and commenting on a new fragrance, a new flavour of chocolate bar or a limited edition gin.
Whatever the product or brand, we carefully consider how to match our iMPfluencers to the brand.
Our influencers have a wide range of interests including:

food & drink